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•  Industries Association of Uttarakhand (IAU) has developed a strong bound amongst     members thus creating a strong peer group having a sense of security and self-     confidence.

•  Has the membership base of more than 750 members.

•  The association has been active in formation/implementation of VAT in Uttarakhand.     Association has also been successful in implementation of different changes in VAT     Act/Rules, which were affecting industries.

•  The Minimum Wages last fixed in Uttarakhand were so fixed with a panel having two     members of our executive.

•  The formation of New Hill Policy was also out of the efforts of our association.

•  The association is working hard in bringing in adequate health facilities under ESI     scheme for employees in the State. Two hospitals on Association demand are being     setup in the State.

•  As members of different working groups constituted by the Government of Uttarakhand     on Commercial Tax, VAT, Power, Exports, Labour, Pollution Control Board,     Infrastructure etc. Industries Association of Uttarakhand makes interventions in     framing & modification of Acts, Rules and Procedures relating to different departments.

•  With constant efforts & interface towards bringing about attitudinal changes in     government machinery thereby smoothening the process, IAU is pioneering the cause     of industries in the state.

•  Addressing individual problems of members through District Udyog Mitra, Tripartite     Committees, as well as with concerned departments.

•  Industries Association of Uttarakhand in order to disseminate information has     published more than 8 books form Entrepreneurs Guide to Compendium on Micro,     Small & Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006.

•  Industries Association of Uttarakhand has also carried out studies in various sectors     and has successfully complied a policy documents for the State Government     suggesting industrialization in hill areas.

•  Industries Association of Uttarakhand is successfully holding Seminars and     Workshops to create awareness and education on different subject for various     stakeholders, entrepreneurs and others.

•  In orders to strengthen networking, association has successfully established various     chapters in many districts like at Langha Road, Dhalwala-Tehri, Hardwar, Roorkee,     Raipur-Bhagwanpur-Roorkee, Kotdwar-Pauri, Nainital, Udham Singh Nagar etc.

•  IAU is also a member of Institute Management Committee in the State for bridging the     gap between Industry & technical skill work force.

•  As corporate social reporting, IAU has been organizing First Aid Training Camp, Fire     Fighting Drills for industries, school children & others. Has also contributed     substantially for Red Cross Building, etc.

•  IAU as an active member on Technical Education Board of the State has successfully     modified syllabus to suit the requirements of industry.

•  Industries Association of Uttarakhand as member of State Minimum Wages Advisory     Board and Committee had played a major role in getting minimum wages fixed in the     state to the satisfaction of all.

•  IAU's major suggestions have been incorporated in the State Industrial Policy.

•  IAU is successfully organising Innovation & Creativity programs for school children in     schools and industry.

•  Association's Energy Efficiency Cell joinally with UREDA, BEE & NPC are holding     various workshops on Energy Conservation & Use of Alternate Energy in Industrial     Units throughout the state. We are also asking industry to undertake energy audit for     bringing in energy efficiency.

•  Industries Association of Uttarakhand has always been actively involved in helping in     formation and implementation of Industrial Policy of Uttarakhand and at national level.     The Association's inherent strength lies in having widespread link with the grass-root     levels both with Industry and Government.

•  IAU- Uttarakhand, as has been rightly said by Secretary Industries, Government of     Uttarakhand, has collaborated with the Government in several projects; Industry-bank     interface, export promotion seminars, industrial fairs and exhibitions, investment     meets and seminars of specific sectors. The Association is playing a lead role in     drawing the government's attention to issues of concern to its members, and in     explaining the government policy to its members.

•  IAU has been instrumental in recognizing the true value of an entrepreneur as against     investor or industrialist in the state by explaining how an entrepreneur adds value,     creates new demand, organizes the supply chain, and sets in motion an entire     process of wealth creation and employment generation.

•  Realizing the constraints due to geographical location and limited skills available with     the people of this state, IAU successfully carried out various studies in various sectors     and now with support of SIDBI and IIE has established a RIP Centre at Pauri. This     centre is not only creating awareness about entrepreneurship what is helping people     take up self entrepreneurship.

•  To promote entrepreneurship in the state, Association has collaborated with premier     technical and administrative institute of the state and have successfully prevailed upon     them to start management courses in entrepreneurship and are also setting up an     entrepreneurship cell for the benefit of not only the student but also to help people of     this state. A proactive website with complete details about projects, policies and other     relevant information for the start-up is being developed.

•  Association was the first to identify the clusters in the state and is now actively working     on uplifting. One of the oldest cluster on which IAU is currently working on is the     miniature bulb cluster.

•  Association has already prepared concept note for setting up a Design, Creativity and     Innovation centre to help micro, small and medium enterprises of the state.

•  Association in order to see smooth and simplified implementation of GST as proposed     has formed a State GST Forum involving all stakeholders. This forum is not only     creating awareness but is also acting as a think tank to give suggestions to the State     Government and Empowered Committee.

•  Association is helping its members identifying new business opportunities, especially     relevant in fast changing liberalized economy.

•  Many initiatives have been taken by the Association for technology and quality up     gradation, by organising interface with foreign delegations for known how, exports and     imports.

•  Association has organized many capacity building workshops for entrepreneurship and     their managers.

•  IAU has entered into a MOU with GTZ for improvement of clusters and also for capacity     building of MSMEs in the State.

•  IAU is actively working for development of Micro & Small Enterprises in the Hills. Three     successful road shows have already been organized.

•  IAU is actively considering setting up of Skill Development Centre for meeting skills     requirements of MEMEs in the State.

•  Industries Association of Uttarakhand has successfully presented “ A Road Map for     Development of Uttarakhand ” to the State Government.

•  Industries Association of Uttarakhand has successfully suggested industrial policy for     development of industries in Hill and Remote Region and for Micro & Small     Enterprises     in the State which has now been implemented.

•  IAU has initiated the process of profiling MSMEs in the State

•  IAU is working closely with the partner banks & a pool of financial advisers to enhance     access of finance for the different units in the value chain.

•  IAU is closely making efforts for Market Development & Business Linkages     Programme.

•  IAU is working for Productivity -Efficiency-Quality Improvement in MSMEs.

•  IAU with the support of GTZ and other institutions is attracting consultants /     trainers/mentors to provide BDS to SME clusters/value chain projects.

•  IAU is creating support consultants / trainers in developing adequate service offers and in marketing their services to SME clusters/value chain project entrepreneurs.

•  IAU is assisting partner banks in developing new financial products & services     demanded by the SMEs.

•  IAU plans to further improve its products, reach, service portfolio and strategic plans for     the benefit of members.

•  In order to improve product designs, process designs and others IAU with National     Institute of Design (NID), MOMSME has already organised two awareness workshops.

•  Design Awareness Seminar ( NID Awareness)

•  IAU with GoUA has successfully organised the first Ambassadors' Meet in Uttarakhand     in which Ambassadors of 12 countries participated. This has resulted in opening     business opportunities for MSMEs.

•  IAU & Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL) are holding Vendor Development     Programme for BHEL.

•  Under Management Development Programme “Rising Entrepreneurial opportunities in     Retails” is being organised by UPES and IAU jointly.

•  Executive MBA Degree Programme in Entrepreneurship & Family Business has been     introduced by University of Petroleum Energy Studies (UPES) at strong     recommendation from IAU.

•  MSME Solution Centre

•  In order to meet the growing demand of skills of Industries IAU is closely working with     ITI and Polytechnics in the State.

•  At part of Industry-Institute Partnership, IAU has successfully entered into MoUs with

•  Dehradun Institute of Technology (DIT)

•  Quantum Global Campus

•  Graphic Era Institute

•  University of Petroleum Energy Studies (UPES)

•  Shivalik College of Engineering

•  IAU with Quantum Global Campus has started one Entrepreneurship Development     Cell for supporting new entrepreneurs.

•  IAU has played a very active role in getting Entrepreneurship Development Courses     introduced Govt. School for 8 th , 9 th , 10 th , 11 th & 12 th Classes.

Industries Association of Uttarakhand (IAU) , Mohabewala Industrial Area,
Dehradun - 248 110 Uttarakhand (India)
Tel.: +91 135 2640530, Fax +91 135 2643382
E-mail: iauuttarakhand@gmail.com
Website: www.iauonline.in (Member of National Board for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India)




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